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Lxelec mainly supplies the 5G low PIM DAS Antennas, Parabolic Wifi Antennas, Low PIM In-builing Antennas, Small Cell Antennas, Repeater Antennas, Wi-Fi Antennas, Sector Antennas,RFID Antennas, as well as the Base Station Antennas, etc. 

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  •  16dBi directional yagi antenna
    Good Quality 1850-1990MHz 16dBi Directional Yagi Antenna
    A Directional Yagi antenna is a directional antenna that radiates signals in one main direction. It belongs to the longitudinal radiators and use radiation-excited elements. It is named after one of its Japanese inventors, Professor Yagi, sometimes it is referred to as Yagi Uda antenna. 
  •  14dBi directional yagi antenna
    China Supplier 1710-1880MHz Directional Yagi Antenna with High Gain 14dBi
    A Directional Yagi antenna is a Yagi-Uda antenna, is a directional antenna that radiates signals in one main direction. It consists of a long transmission line with a single driven element consisting of two rods connected on either side of the transmission line. It also consists of a single reflector on one side of the transmission line and a number of parasitic elements which act as directors. The driven element of a Yagi is equivalent of a center-fed, half-wave dipole antenna. Parallel to the driven element are straight rods or wires called reflectors and directors. 
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LXELEC established in
, with more than
years experience.
  • Certification of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO13485

  • Research &

Anhui Luxun Electronic and Technology Co., Ltd.(established in 2002) is a leading manufacturer of communication antennas ,which collects together research and development(R&D), production and sale. Lxelec is established in 2002.located in Hefei National Hi-tech Industry Development Zone,China. Lxelec has participated in the research and development and production of 2G, 3G, 4G and other communication antennas , as well as the current 5G high-frequency communication antennas, and more than half of the products have achieved batch production. During these 20 years,Lxelec still insists the concept “Grasp technology innovation and expand market customers” and “Quality as the foundation, innovation for development”.We also did it. We successfully accomplished acquisition of Haike Industry Trade Company,which covers a total area of 14000m³ . We now have a group of professional team.Lxelec has more than 20 engineers  and more than 150 production employees and various equipments for producing.They guarantee constant technological innovation and fast delivery times.Strong R&D ability allows us to meet customer’s variety of requirements.We has passed the ISO9001 quality managerment system and we have obtained more than 200 patents. Lxelec develops rapidly and makes great achievements.Our products sells well all over the wolrd.We keep close business relationship with main telecom operators all over the world.With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are extensively used in telecommunication and other industries.Our products are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously developing economic and social needs.We welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to contact us for future business relationships and achieving mutual success!  
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    1. Dependability: Anhui Luxun Electronic and Technology Co, Ltd was established in 2002, with 20 year’s experience in manufacturing and designing communication antennas. We have also established friendly partnership with major telecom operators around the world. Lxelec has professional test equipments, which includes large microwave anechoic chambers, original American HP/ Agilent vector network analyzers, and Agilent Spectrum analyzer, Japan RoHS detector and other instruments. Customers are increasingly willing to buy our items again and again because of strong dependability. 2. Quality: Over the past 20 years, Lxelec persists in the principle of leading quality, innovative technology and superior service, and wholeheartedly provides customers with high-quality products and effective services. Lxelec has passed the ISO9001 quality management system and obtained more than 200 patents. Before leaving the plant, all items were inspected, and greater than 100,000 products were sold and developed successfully, with the lion's share of the international market and a portion of them finding their way into the home market.
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  • Cultural Values
    Cultural Values
    1. Tenet: Lxelec insists on the spirit of “People-oriented, Technology First, Unity and Strive, Innovation and Dedication” and the quality concept of “Golden Quality Win The World” to continuously provide superior quality products and services to our customers. A strong sense of identity means that our all employees are united, care about the same values, and work to take us from concept to reality.   2. Intention: We believe in our cultural of honesty and hard work, and it has helped us grow together since 2002. For developing in the future, we take “High Quality” as enterprise cultural idea and “Grasp Technology Innovation and Expand Market Customers” as eternal target, and we will be first-class quality, first-class products and first-class services to create first-class enterprise. Base upon the presence, Lxelec is determined to go forward hand in hand with new and old customers and commonly initiate a new field for antenna.
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    Cultural Values
    1. Productivity: In pace with the leap-forward development of manufacturing automation technology, Lxelec, a company covers an area of more than 14,000 square meters and 3 enterprises, has greatly improves the production efficiency. Besides, Lxelec now has a group of professional team with more than 20 engineers and over 150 production employees. Employees at Lxelec who act in a professional way and work in a relaxed and pleasant working environment are much more likely to respect both each other and and strive to be their best. As soon as the order is received, we put into production at once.  2. Efficiency: When releasing new products, employees are the first to put them on the company’ s official website, Alibaba, and other major platforms to ensure that customers can enjoy the priority to know. What’s more, located at hi-tech developing district in Hefei, Anhui, China, Lxelec will dispatch goods promptly, so as to endure our production delivery time and extend reach to worldwide. Additionally, we are well versed in transportation system, therefore, we can select a reputable transportation company that ensures all the facilities and infrastructure are available for both small and large volume products. 
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About the latest industry advice on antenna products, updated continuously.
  • Antennas In Real Installation Scene
    Antennas In Real Installation Scene
    LXELC antennas are widely used all over the world , especially our 698-3800MHz , 600-6000MHz low profile dome antenna, log periodic antenna , panel antenna ... they are very popular in North America .   Below are some pictures from our customer which they took in the real installation scene .  
    August 20, 2022
  • What is the ultra-thin ceiling antenna?
    What is the ultra-thin ceiling antenna?
    LXELC is a leading manufacture of rf antenna.We do OEM/ODM services to leading communication all over the world.We can produce various of rf antennas,omni ceilling antenna,panel antenna,sector antenna,wifi antenna,log-periodic antenna,parabolic antenna Ultra-thin ceiling antenna is highly favored by many customers. Compact, light-wight and easy installation. It transmits and receives the signal in a 360-degree pattern. The ultra-thin ceiling antennas feature 600 MHz to 6 GHz operation, with -150 or -153 dBc PIM rating. Typically used in indoor distribution of 2G/3G/4G/5G wireless service in all standardized frequency bands. Including SISO omni antennas and MIMO antennas.It covers from 600MHz to 6000MHz,in low return loss.It's easy for installation and can be customized acccording to customer's requirements.
    August 20, 2022
  • What environment is the FRP antenna suitable for?
    What environment is the FRP antenna suitable for?
    Is the higher the gain or length of the fiberglass antenna the better? What are the characteristics of the specific fiberglass omnidirectional antenna, and can it be used as an indoor antenna? It is estimated that non-professional personnel cannot give specific answers. Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about the omnidirectional fiberglass antenna.   Why FRP antennas are not suitable for indoor use, it is estimated that many people may notice that many well-known brands generally only use 7dBi or 5dBi, 2dBi antennas, but rarely see their 9db or higher gain on the market According to our general understanding, the 2-5dBi antenna has fully met the requirements for indoor use. Antennas above 7dBi cannot exert their advantages due to the smaller angle, and may be counterproductive when used indoors. Therefore, omnidirectional antennas above 9dBi must be recommended for outdoor use. As for some people who say that indoor use through walls is effective, this statement cannot be verified, and there is no need to believe it too much. Why is it called an omnidirectional antenna? There is also a vertical angle. The omnidirectional antenna often mentioned in the construction of a radio antenna feeder system refers to an antenna with a horizontal radiation angle of 360 degrees, and a vertical sector emission, with an angle of generally 6~15 degrees. Left and right, the higher the gain, the smaller the vertical angle. For example, the 9db antenna can achieve a radiation angle of about 14 degrees, while the fiberglass antenna can achieve about 8 degrees, which is the limit. In the same position, the 15db antenna is not as low as the reception. The effect of the booster antenna is good.   Because of the small vertical angle, the signal can only be transmitted at 6~8 degrees horizontally. Therefore, the fiberglass antenna is widely used in the wireless coverage of the plain area, the wireless coverage of the same horizontal position environment, and the wireless coverage of the same horizontal position environment. If If it is placed in a higher position, it can only transmit signals to distant positions, but it cannot cover the places near or with height difference.  
    August 26, 2022

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